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Welcome to JLAssociates!

About Us

I would like to welcome and thank you for visiting my site!!

My name is Jeff Little and in 1988 if not for an unforseen accident, I was medically discharged from the US Army. I would have gladly served my country for the next 40 years however my disability kept me from doing that. I loved everything about the military and for everything it stands.

People often asked me. "Why did you start this site and was is your purpose for having it"? Good question. I have been married for over 25 years and have been blessed to have 3 of the greatest kids on the planet. 1 boy and 2 beautiful girls. Ok Colby, you are beautiful as well!! He and his wife did deliver to us a wonderful amazing granddaughter. There isn't anything I would not do to protect my family. Nothing. Though I am a supporter of the boys in blue, they are not always around when crime happens. Nor would I expect them to be. With that said, I want my kids to be able to escape and get away from any situation that could threaten their livelyhood. That's all I want. Just get away. These non-lethal products will allow them to do that. In a world that has changed dramtically since I was young, we must take action to protect ourselves and our family. If you are like me and worry about your kids and family when they go out into this turbulant world, it gives me a little comfort to know now they have a chance to diffuse whatever sitaution them may run upon. So this website was born

Please go in and look around. I am willing to bet there are some things you may not have seen before. You can not only protect your family, but your home and property as well. We offer a large inventory of products that I feel certain you would find beneficial.

I appreciate you being here and if you would be so kind to share my site with your family and friends, would be ohh so grateful!!

Habe a very blessed and wonderful day and hope to see you back again soon!!

Retired PFC Jeff Little

1986-1988 US Army